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Our first TV appearance

Our first TV appearance

On Thursday 5 June 2014 we were filmed by the Channel 7 Making a Difference crew with reporter Kay McGrath.

Very exciting to have filmed at the Griffith University Gold Coast campus with our very first “Senior Stars” Bram and Marina Nicolson who our founder Bev Wilkinson interviewed in 2009 when she was still a student!

Much thanks to our “Junior Stars” Jamie-Lee Dwyer and Mischeline King without their talent and patience we would not be where we are now!

Also a big thumbs up to Myjanne Jensen the Journalism and PR Internship Program Coordinater at Griffith University for her support and gathering of the most amazing journalism students!

Can’t wait till the segment goes to air!


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June 17, 2014 · 3:17 am

Hello Gold Coast!

Last week I visited the Gold Coast and caught up with Steve Stockwell and Myjanne Jensen from Griffith University! It was very exciting to chat about the future of Celebrate Living History and our first grant application to continue working with students and seniors.


It was very exciting to meet current Griffith University intern Trine and first intern Helana! So very happy to meet my students in person!


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I need a little help from my friends

The lure of making Celebrate Living History come alive is what made me think of crowd funding.

Even though I tried raising funds through Pozible and failed on a mass scale this time I think I’m more prepared.

This time I’ve proven what can be done on a tight budget and shown the community of Frankston what can be achieved.

Despite many barriers I created the Celebrate Living History of Frankston exhibition, which showcased seniors within the area.

The important lesson I learnt was to ask for help, at the time I thought I could do anything and everything I was really determined to prove people wrong that Yes one girl solo can organise such a huge exhibition.

Yes one girl can organise an exhibition, but this girl ended up broke and frazzled but happy that many seniors came out to share their stories with the community!

The late nights licking envelopes, writing media releases, plastering posters, blogging, editing articles, creating volunteer presents and speaking to community groups was all worth it in the end when the senior stars got together for the big group photo at Bartiste.

What I realised was while I loved working on the exhibition, I was making silly mistakes simply because I had too much going in my head.

On the day instead of being happy that everything was being pulled together I was panicking about the little details and making sure everything was running smooth.

My friend Jeremay told me to close my eyes and just breath, I stopped and looked around and it was amazing everything in my mind had taken formation.

I was no longer girl solo, I was part of a wider community that were there simply because I had put the wheels in motion to celebrate their stories.

There was a huge mix of people seniors, families, students and most of my friends who believed in my potential.

Without friends, I don’t think it would have been possible for the exhibition to happen, we only had three hours to hang all 40 photographs which involved measuring and twisting wire, sourcing picture framer hangers and deciding how the photographs would be displayed.

It sounds simple but even with four people it took more than three hours, especially since I had to send one of my senior stars to Bunnings for more wire!

What I realised while the exhibition exceeded all expectations was I need to ask for help to continue creating good in the community.

In my heart I know I can make Celebrate Living History viable and with help I know we can lead the way to more exhibitions, publications and online content to celebrate stories from seniors that would never get the chance to shine within the community.

I don’t think crowd funding is a new age way to beg; it’s a way for ventures to shine with support from the community.

So I’m asking you for a little help to make Connecting the Community One Senior at a Time on Start Some Good succeed, because I know we have great potential to shine.

Plus I’ll also throw in a cup of tea over a good yarn.

To doante towards Celebrate Living History click the picture below! 🙂


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Howdy Folks! Golden Days Images is searching for members of the board!

Golden Days Images is heading in a new direction as a not-for-profit social enterprise and is looking for members of the board.

If you are passionate about bringing generations together and love a good yarn then read on!

Currently Golden Days Images works in collaboration with Griffith University to provide students with experience for their portfolio.

Not only will students gain experience for their resume, they have the golden opportunity to make seniors feel like stars!

Golden Days Images dream is to one day start a nation-wide intern program that will preserve stories for future generations.

Maybe one day these seniors will pass but their memories will be preserved online for friends and family to discover what their Grandparents were like.

If you would like to be part of an exciting start-up full of community values then I would love to hear from you!

For further information contact Bev on 0402926131 or goldendaysimages@gmail.com

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Did someone say great opportunity?

Looks like my dream to one day hire a struggling graduate is now on a roll! Just received this great email from Myjanne Jensen who works at Griffith University on the Gold Coast.

Someone say great opportunity?

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Bringing Celebrate Living History to the GC….

A reunion for carnies is what attracted me to the Gold Coast but my journey took an interesting twist!

Instead of relaxing and mingling with the old Dreamworld crew, I decided to embark on a mission to bring Celebrate Living History to the GC.

Ask anyone who knows me once I have an idea I will do anything to make it a reality!

Suddenly I had this vision of students from Griffith University gathering stories from seniors and creating a buzz not only in Frankston but Australia -wide.

I know from my years at university that I did so much volunteer work and would have ached to be part of something never achieved in Australia.

So the challenge was to get the king of the Journalism department Professor Steven Stockwell eager to spread the word.

Quite frankly I was nervous and wasn’t too sure if he would remember my face!

The campus had changed so much from 2009 and it was really weird having to look on a map to see where Steven’s office was!

Not surprisingly there was books all over the office and a colorful man in the middle of the room!

Despite all these years, Steven still looked the same and I felt comfortable when he had a few minutes to spare for this little backpacker to talk about a dream.

Instantly words started coming out of my mouth about the difficulties I had faced trying to find a job in the industry and my desire to be able to one day use my degree.

I think he looked rather surprised and impressed I had a dream that I wanted to make a reality.

He was amazed I was using my initiative and have not received any funding for my project.

Right away he started giving me advice on organisations to apply for a grant including the lottery Commission and the National Museum of Canberra.

Then he researched potential journalism students that could be involved in capturing yarns on the Gold Coast.

Inside I was a doing a little dance for joy if the king of the doff thought my idea was a great one then it must have such potential!

Like a dork I was pretty excited when he put my advertisement for Senior Star journalists outside his front door!

Next on my list was a visit to Gold Coast Councilor Dawn Crichlow who is very passionate about senior issues.

Surprisingly I wasn’t very nervous, but I had visited the office so many times as a student gathering quotes for articles.

It was like time stood still and I was transported to 2008 everything looked the same and it was like Dawn had not aged one bit!

While Dawn did not have time for an interview she gave me some good advice about seniors on the Gold Coast and ideas for potential stories.

The next day I decided to visit retirement central Tweed Heads where a large majority of senior stars live.

It was amazing the reaction I received for my idea and I had a few seniors suggest I should gather stories in accordance to major events like the Melbourne Cup in the 1950s.

Mainly they were pleased I held such an interest in their yarns and wished me well!

Also I discovered potential sponsors like motor homes, fancy toilets, real estate and retirement villages.

I never thought the Gold Coast would be a mecca for my idea but just by walking along the beach in Surfers Paradise there is a sense of pride in the community shown through old photos showcasing what it was like in the past.

What I also loved is in shopping Centre Australia Fair there is a board showcasing classes at the U3A and activities seniors can do so they are not isolated.

Personally I found my trip to the Gold Coast very busy but rewarding and I can’t wait to work with my new crew of senior star journalists.





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Celebrate Living History is going to take over the world…cue evil laugh! ok maybe not! But the Gold Coast is a start!

So I have plans for world domination…yeah right! but anything is possible huh?

Well I have just written a letter to Griffith University career board organsior Lyn hoping I can get university students on board in the Gold Coast.

Have a gander if you like!

Hi Lyn,

I am a former student of Griffith University Gold Coast campus, I graduated with a post-grad in Journalism Mass Communications in 2008.

Since then I have struggled to find a job in the industry that I am passionate about and have decided to embark on an idea celebrating the living history of seniors.

While gathering stories from Frankston residents for an exhibition, I realised their yarns should be preserved for future generations they were about first love, the old coal mine at Olivers Hill and dances at the Mechanics Hall.

I collected these stories with a twist instead of writing them all down, I did it all by video camera which has never been before.

I hope to branch out and cover other communities within Australia.

While at university, I did so much volunteer work through the Griffith University career board and know if I were still a student I would jump on this opportunity to be apart of something different.

What I am looking for are journalism students who are passionate about gathering yarns from seniors within the community, in return for mentorship and experience on their resume.

At the moment I can’t offer paid internships as I am literally doing everything on a very tight budget, but in the future I do hope to become commercially viable to offer an opportunity that I never received.

I know I don’t slot into the not-for-profit section but I hope that you would give an ex-student a chance to make a dream a reality.

To check out some of my work so far visit my blog www.goldendaysimages.com and my campaign on website Plan Big http://www.planbig.com.au/celebrate-living-history

Thank you

Bev Wilkinson

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