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Welcome to the world Celebrate Living History Australia INC!

The past year has been building up to this exact moment! Celebrate Living History is an official not-for-profit community enterprise!

Welcome to the world Celebrate Living History Australia Inc., I am so happy to meet you and I can’t wait to work with you to continue connecting with students and seniors!

It has been a long but amazing journey so far, I had no idea 12 months ago this would be the direction I was heading into.

If you had asked me a year ago what a social enterprise was I would have looked at you very strangely.

I would have thought why do I need to know this and what the hell that’s going to be a lot of hard work to create!

From not knowing very much to knowing a hell of a lot I have hounded the experts for advice and buried myself in many books to get to this level.

Its funny I feel like I gave birth to Celebrate Living History and now it has a life of its own, it’s walking, talking and even has a whole bunch of seniors already asking when is the next Celebrate Living History exhibition?

Many thought I was nuts but I think I’ve proved if you believe in what you do then anything is possible.

I hope 2013 is the beginning of a vibrant future for Celebrate Living History and I am so excited to get cracking on what we do best!

not for profit



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The under cover temp on senior stars….

The youthful spark of an aging rocker is what made me curious to see what drew hundreds to see his show.

Despite his age Neil Young had his fans lined up hours before the show to score the best spot in the mosh pit!

It was reminiscent to teenagers gushing over One Direction there was cheerful chatter and a kind of a lets throw my undies at him atmosphere.

I would have loved to see Neil in his prime, I’m sure many ladies would have screamed their lungs out!

After the warm up act, Neil swaggered on a stage that breathed hippy era suddenly the slow haunting sound of A Day in the Life echoed through the theater.

It was kind of creepy but the audience loved it, it made me think if we were transported back to the 1960s how many of his fans would have been listening to his music swaying and dreaming of the future.

I often daydream in my little spot and I imaged the audience in the 1960s they would not be sitting they would be creating havoc at Woodstock.

They would be dancing, they would be totally and utterly silly but they would have been having the time of their lives.

They would be wearing tie-dye draped in blankets but most of all it made me realise that everyone was young at one time in their life.

While my body was in the theater I was in a colorful place imaging another world where Neil was a massive rock star wooing the ladies in his flannel shirts and maybe some tight leather pants.

Until my imagination was shattered when I was told to go on break! The bright fluro lights hit me and I saw a rowdy senior arguing with the security staff.

I felt sorry for the security guard but had a little giggle, they may be old but they still know how to create havoc!


My name is Bev and my dream is to celebrate stories of seniors for future generations. I want to create a student internship program which will connect seniors and students by documenting stories for exhibitions and publications.

I believe everyone is a senior star and should be celebrated.

Please have a gander at Celebrate Living History’s campaign Connecting the Community One Senior at a Time on Start Some Good and spread the love!

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Connecting the Community One Senior at a Time

We have just embarked on the Connecting the Community One Senior at a Time campaign on Start Some Good, it would be a dream come true if we could continue creating more exhibitions and most of all working with seniors.”


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The adventurous people are the ones that matter; they are the people that change things

The lure of interviewing the first man to fly microlight around the world is what made me hassle his sister for days.

Just a few doors from my house Brian Milton adventurer and journalist was staying with family.

The saying its not what you do its who you know is what came to mind when I scored one hour with this great adventurer who battled the odds to achieve greatness.

There was no way I could have gone through his PR people, he was only in Australia for three weeks and in that time he managed one interview with the AGE and that was it!

I was really nervous but what calmed me down was Bunny my Labrador joined me in the interview! Its safe to say not many journalists have the opportunity to bring their dog to the show!

Its funny Gerry his sister was not expecting me to bring the whole kit with me; here I was with a tri-pod, Dictaphone, camera and video camera with a dog in tow!

In Gerry’s eyes I was just the girl from the dog park, she did not see this was what I trained three and a half years to do!

With Bunny breaking the ice by sniffing Brain’s leg we got to business and set up in the lounge room.

I had all these questions prepared but mostly I went with the flow that’s the best way to do an interview.

Initially I was really nervous this was a man who had lunch with Dick Smith and has met the Queen.

But then I realised despite all his achievements he was Gerry’s brother he was just a human who realised his potential.

What I loved about Brian was he heard the word NO many times; but yet he broke records by flying the microlight from London-Sydney in 59 days.

That determination to prove people wrong is in my blood, I’ve heard the word NO, thank-you for your time and we wish you well in the future over 100 times.

It’s that gut feeling where everyone around you thinks your nuts but you know this is something you must do.

Interviewing Brian made me realise I’m on the right track and it will be persistence and a whole lot of passion that will make Celebrate Living History succeed.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview was “The adventurous people are the ones that matter; they are the people that change things.”

me and brian


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I need a little help from my friends

The lure of making Celebrate Living History come alive is what made me think of crowd funding.

Even though I tried raising funds through Pozible and failed on a mass scale this time I think I’m more prepared.

This time I’ve proven what can be done on a tight budget and shown the community of Frankston what can be achieved.

Despite many barriers I created the Celebrate Living History of Frankston exhibition, which showcased seniors within the area.

The important lesson I learnt was to ask for help, at the time I thought I could do anything and everything I was really determined to prove people wrong that Yes one girl solo can organise such a huge exhibition.

Yes one girl can organise an exhibition, but this girl ended up broke and frazzled but happy that many seniors came out to share their stories with the community!

The late nights licking envelopes, writing media releases, plastering posters, blogging, editing articles, creating volunteer presents and speaking to community groups was all worth it in the end when the senior stars got together for the big group photo at Bartiste.

What I realised was while I loved working on the exhibition, I was making silly mistakes simply because I had too much going in my head.

On the day instead of being happy that everything was being pulled together I was panicking about the little details and making sure everything was running smooth.

My friend Jeremay told me to close my eyes and just breath, I stopped and looked around and it was amazing everything in my mind had taken formation.

I was no longer girl solo, I was part of a wider community that were there simply because I had put the wheels in motion to celebrate their stories.

There was a huge mix of people seniors, families, students and most of my friends who believed in my potential.

Without friends, I don’t think it would have been possible for the exhibition to happen, we only had three hours to hang all 40 photographs which involved measuring and twisting wire, sourcing picture framer hangers and deciding how the photographs would be displayed.

It sounds simple but even with four people it took more than three hours, especially since I had to send one of my senior stars to Bunnings for more wire!

What I realised while the exhibition exceeded all expectations was I need to ask for help to continue creating good in the community.

In my heart I know I can make Celebrate Living History viable and with help I know we can lead the way to more exhibitions, publications and online content to celebrate stories from seniors that would never get the chance to shine within the community.

I don’t think crowd funding is a new age way to beg; it’s a way for ventures to shine with support from the community.

So I’m asking you for a little help to make Connecting the Community One Senior at a Time on Start Some Good succeed, because I know we have great potential to shine.

Plus I’ll also throw in a cup of tea over a good yarn.

To doante towards Celebrate Living History click the picture below! 🙂


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