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Hanging out with seniors then with the youngies….

The lure of catching up with one of my senior stars is what kicked off a boozy weekend.

It’s been a while since I’ve drunk myself silly in 24 hours, but I had to make a few sacrifices for the greater good!

So the first wine started at Gail Dudeck’s garden party, I was in serious reporter mode but the conversation started flowing and I ended up sharing quite a few yarns over a few drinks.

It’s really nice just to chill and some of the best conversations always happen when you don’t expect them.

As always it’s a bit awkward being the youngest person in the garden but then everyone forgets about age and starts to open up.

Having a gander at the ladies gossip reminded me of my friends and how we would catch up over coffee.

There was laughter and lots of giggling they were chatting about the latest at the U3A, first loves and their husbands being in the boys club.

I brought out the Celebrate Living History of Frankston portfolio so they could have a look at some of the old photographs.

Some of the seniors remembered seeing Miss Frankton in her prime and chatted about how it was a shame we don’t dress up for special events at the beach now.

They talked about fashion and how some ladies don’t leave a lot to the imagination, somehow along the way inches were shortened and we started to reveal more and more.

As always I asked my favorite question “If you could turn back time what advice would you tell your younger self?”

One of my best answers was from Elizabeth Alexander who said “To not worry, when your young you worry all the time.”

This hit a chord with me later in the night where I was out celebrating my birthday at a nightclub with my friend Kate.

It was a stark contrast to a garden party with music blaring and 18 year-olds on the dance floor!

One of the dancers looked really uncomfortable while she looked pretty; she kept tugging at her skirt then pulling down her top.

She looked really awkward, she was smiling at her friends but once they glanced away she just looked worried.

If only Elizabeth could have been in the room I’m sure she would have told her to wear a different outfit, stop worrying and enjoy being in the moment.

Sometimes we worry about the little things in life and don’t realise its the moment that counts!


Victoria, Sue and Elizabeth


Gail and friends

IMG_0280 2

My Birthday celebrations

Sun Beach Girl Quest 1953 Miss Frankston

Miss Frankston


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The under cover temp on senior stars….

The youthful spark of an aging rocker is what made me curious to see what drew hundreds to see his show.

Despite his age Neil Young had his fans lined up hours before the show to score the best spot in the mosh pit!

It was reminiscent to teenagers gushing over One Direction there was cheerful chatter and a kind of a lets throw my undies at him atmosphere.

I would have loved to see Neil in his prime, I’m sure many ladies would have screamed their lungs out!

After the warm up act, Neil swaggered on a stage that breathed hippy era suddenly the slow haunting sound of A Day in the Life echoed through the theater.

It was kind of creepy but the audience loved it, it made me think if we were transported back to the 1960s how many of his fans would have been listening to his music swaying and dreaming of the future.

I often daydream in my little spot and I imaged the audience in the 1960s they would not be sitting they would be creating havoc at Woodstock.

They would be dancing, they would be totally and utterly silly but they would have been having the time of their lives.

They would be wearing tie-dye draped in blankets but most of all it made me realise that everyone was young at one time in their life.

While my body was in the theater I was in a colorful place imaging another world where Neil was a massive rock star wooing the ladies in his flannel shirts and maybe some tight leather pants.

Until my imagination was shattered when I was told to go on break! The bright fluro lights hit me and I saw a rowdy senior arguing with the security staff.

I felt sorry for the security guard but had a little giggle, they may be old but they still know how to create havoc!


My name is Bev and my dream is to celebrate stories of seniors for future generations. I want to create a student internship program which will connect seniors and students by documenting stories for exhibitions and publications.

I believe everyone is a senior star and should be celebrated.

Please have a gander at Celebrate Living History’s campaign Connecting the Community One Senior at a Time on Start Some Good and spread the love!

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So who passed on the short gene?…. Delving into the past with the family history club.

The idea of discovering traits my ancestors possessed is what lured me to the local family history club.

Even though I could easily jump on an ancestor finding website, I wanted to learn from the experts at Frankston City Library.

Sometimes working within a group can spark ideas like delving into shipping records, phone books, census details and haunting Melbourne City Library for further information.

One participant had been searching for his relatives for eight years, it was amazing the amount of time he spent each week delving into records.

I was impressed that he found a long lost relative who lived a few suburbs away in Moorabbin.

Surprisingly it was easy to find records in England, I was on a mission to find out about my Grandma Cissy Wilkinson who plays a starring role in Golden Days Images.

Within minutes on I had found a marriage certificate!

It was really handy to have all these records at the tip of my fingertips and I think I may return to find out further details!

So here is the plug…….

Click here for more information on Frankston City Library’s free family history club

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The colourful characters of Frankston

The colorful characters that once inhibited the sleepy town of Frankston is what made me think of organising an exhibition showcasing these residents.

Its hard to believe in the 1930s the population of this bustling city centre was only 6,851 and considered a holiday getaway.

One intriguing person included John Maddox, nicknamed the Hermit as he lived in an isolated shelter on the ti-trees to the south of Seaford Road.

While John looked like a scary old man in reality he was quite pleasant and the locals used to share their homemade scones and cakes with him in exchange for fresh fish.

In a way John was tortured as he was a captain of a vessel that accidently sank with the loss of many lives.

Its sad to think this whiskery old chap held so much guilt and spent the rest of life living on the outskirts of society.

Another great personality included Father Gerald Tucker who founded the Brotherhood of St Lawrence in 1935.

While Father Tucker gave the impression of being an eccentric little man, he was an inspiration to many and showed if you dream big you can make it happen.

The dream was to create a settlement for homeless unemployed men and boys in Carrum Downs.

With a lot of hard work this vision was made a reality and old houses from Melbourne were transported to make way for a new community.

Those who attended Father Tucker’s Brotherhood of St Lawrence’s lectures have said he was a man who spoke with authority.

Its no surprise this one remarkable man paved the way for such a successful charity.

Golden Days Images is looking for residents within the Frankston area who would like to share their photographs and stories for an exhibition in August.

We are looking for members who have old photos they would like framed and displayed.

Also residents who want to share their stories on life growing up in Frankston for a documentary.

All participants will receive a free CD of their images.

If you are interested in taking part of this exhibition contact Bev on 0402926131 or email

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Its a hot day today Melbourne peeps don’t forget to SLIP SLOP AND SLAP!

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Move Over Lion King!…the original musicals still have their sparkle

The old glamour peeking out of the bookshelves is what attracted me to this set of classic programs.

With songs including the Lady in the Tutti Fruit Hat, Minnie’s in the Money and A Journey to a Star these titles are a testament to an golden era.





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Dad’s school days

I can’t believe my dad was once a cheeky little boy but these photos are proof!








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