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The under cover temp on senior stars….

The youthful spark of an aging rocker is what made me curious to see what drew hundreds to see his show.

Despite his age Neil Young had his fans lined up hours before the show to score the best spot in the mosh pit!

It was reminiscent to teenagers gushing over One Direction there was cheerful chatter and a kind of a lets throw my undies at him atmosphere.

I would have loved to see Neil in his prime, I’m sure many ladies would have screamed their lungs out!

After the warm up act, Neil swaggered on a stage that breathed hippy era suddenly the slow haunting sound of A Day in the Life echoed through the theater.

It was kind of creepy but the audience loved it, it made me think if we were transported back to the 1960s how many of his fans would have been listening to his music swaying and dreaming of the future.

I often daydream in my little spot and I imaged the audience in the 1960s they would not be sitting they would be creating havoc at Woodstock.

They would be dancing, they would be totally and utterly silly but they would have been having the time of their lives.

They would be wearing tie-dye draped in blankets but most of all it made me realise that everyone was young at one time in their life.

While my body was in the theater I was in a colorful place imaging another world where Neil was a massive rock star wooing the ladies in his flannel shirts and maybe some tight leather pants.

Until my imagination was shattered when I was told to go on break! The bright fluro lights hit me and I saw a rowdy senior arguing with the security staff.

I felt sorry for the security guard but had a little giggle, they may be old but they still know how to create havoc!


My name is Bev and my dream is to celebrate stories of seniors for future generations. I want to create a student internship program which will connect seniors and students by documenting stories for exhibitions and publications.

I believe everyone is a senior star and should be celebrated.

Please have a gander at Celebrate Living History’s campaign Connecting the Community One Senior at a Time on Start Some Good and spread the love!


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Move Over Lion King!…the original musicals still have their sparkle

The old glamour peeking out of the bookshelves is what attracted me to this set of classic programs.

With songs including the Lady in the Tutti Fruit Hat, Minnie’s in the Money and A Journey to a Star these titles are a testament to an golden era.





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A deeper insight into legendary Elvis

The charismatic soulful voice of Elvis is what drove girls crazy in the rock n roll era of the 1950’s.

Even now Elvis transcends generations with unique tunes begging us to dance donning blue suede shoes.

Surprisingly the “King” started his life as a poor country hick born in East Tupelo Mississippi on January 8, 1935.

Both of Elvis’s parents could sing but there were no famous musicians in his family tree.

Sadly Elvis had a twin brother Jesse who died at birth and was haunted by the thought that somehow he hurt his twin in the womb.

Throughout childhood Elvis was unusually sensitive and grew into a gawky teenager.

It was when Elvis’s family moved to Memphis that the journey to fame and fortune began.

Its funny Elvis was a walking contradiction he was shy but loved to stand out by wearing outrages frilly shirts complimented with greased black hair.

Even then Elvis knew if you want to stand out in a crowd you have to be different.

No one would have guessed the boy who wore pink clothes would turn into a stylish heartbreaker.

With a rag to riches journey to fame this self-proclaimed freak got his big break at Sun Records after a lot of persistence.

The magic moment happened when a country band gave Elvis the opportunity to sing a few tracks with them.

Elvis was nervous but blew the band away with a voice that was a mixture of soul, country and blues.

Inevitably Elvis grew into a man that would inspire millions of fans world wide to embrace life because “That’s all right Mama, that’s all right for you!”

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Before Tom Jones there was Australia’s first pop recording star Billy Williams

he lure of a man holding a tantalising pair of underwear is what attracted me to this album featuring music from 1907-1914.

Maybe my mind was in the gutter but when I read the list of Billy Williams’s songs, I could not help but wonder how he came up with the names.

Especially with a range of quirky titles including John, John, put your trousers on, The Hobnailed boots that Father wore, Tickle Me, Timothy! Little Willie’s Woodbines and She does like a little bit of Scotch.

Most likely totally innocent! I think I need a dash of scotch because I do indeed love a glass!

The list of hits from the man in the velvet suit include:

1) John, John, put your trousers on
2) The taximeter car
3) The hobnailed boots that Father wore
4) Tickle Me timothy!
5) Put a bit of powder on it Father
6) Little Willie’s Woodbines
7) I must go home tonight
8) Girls of to-day
9) The land where women wear the trousers
10) I’ve found Kelly
11) When Father papered the parlor
12) St Kilda
13) Lets have a song upon the Graphophone
14) Chanticler
15) I never heard Father laugh so much
16) Take me where there are no eyes about
17) She does like a little bit of Scotch
18) It’s a grand old song
19) The Kangaroo hop
20) Wait till I’m old Father
21) The ragtime wedding
22) There must be something nice about the Isle of Man
23) There’s life in the old dog yet

Billy Williams






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