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Its taken One Year, Four Interns, Eight Board members and a heck of a lot of research….

I’m kind of lazy so I just copied and pasted my interview from Bendigo Bank’s Big Plan site…

In a nutshell the Celebrate Living History website is up!! Whooo hooo!!!

My plan success story

1. Now you’ve marked your plan a success, what about it makes you most proud?

Its taken 1 year, 4 interns, 8 board members and a lot of research to get to this level. The Celebrate Living History website showcases my passion in one spot and really is a website made for the community by the community. I really hope from here we start to have a sustainable future, because this is the job that I want for life.

2. What challenges did you face on your journey and what have you learned?

I struggled a lot, I’ve treated Celebrate Living History as a real life uni project. I learnt how to create a not-for-profit enterprise from scratch, how to be a mentor to uni students and how to treat seniors like stars. But I think if I didn’t struggle I would not have appreciated the position I am in now, I am so proud of my students and I’ve learnt that age does not matter, seniors are just people who have lived on the planet longer than I have. They have a wealth of knowledge which I feel honoured to share with the community.

3. What are some ways that PlanBig has helped you?

I think having the plan out there motivated me to keep going, especially at the start when I was doing everything solo.

4. Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Please have a gander at the Celebrate Living History website which showcases community, heart and a heck of a lot of work 🙂

Big Plan


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Lights, Cameras ACTION!……Its my turn in the spotlight!!!

Bev Wilkinson, Golden Days Images

Golden Days Images preserves old photos and places them on DVD and CD. They are also branching out into capturing small events involving filming and photographing precious moments to place on DVD. 10 Dec 11 | Flying Solo

Here, we ask the tough questions.
Who, or what, is your biggest inspiration?
My mentor Kelly who runs a successful dog sitting business called L for Dog. She has made me think outside the square and I would like to be as successful as she is one day!

What’s the biggest challenge you face at work?
Golden Days Images is my first business so every day I am learning what it is like to be a small business owner. My major challenge so far is getting the word out that Golden Days Images is up and running and the general account keeping. But I love the creative aspects of the job and one day I would like to become much bigger!

What’s the most enjoyable element of your work? And the least enjoyable?
Every day I am involved in a role I am passionate about, this has been the dream for a long time! Before Golden Days Images every day was like a rejection train, I was constantly applying for jobs I was qualified to do but kept getting knocked back. I’m so happy to have received government support through the NEIS program to start my own business. I think one of my weaknesses is account keeping but I’m gradually getting better at it!

What do you love most about running your own business?
I love the endless possibilities. There are so many opportunities out there, it is just a matter of getting amongst it! I love that I can make on the spot decisions and don’t have to go through meeting after meeting to get one thing done. I love being creative and meeting lots of amazing people. I just love everything about Golden Days Images, its Valentine’s Day all year long!

What would be your advice to aspiring soloists?
Believe in yourself and your abilities, don’t be afraid to give it a shot, there is nothing to lose. If you are passionate and driven then success will follow.

Do you subscribe to any magazines or newspapers?
I love Frankie magazine. I’m constantly inspired by their witty writers and articles.

How would you describe yourself in three adjectives?
Bubbly, driven, passionate.

And now comes the plug!
What do you do? Who for? And how does it benefit them?
Golden Days Images preserves old photos and places them on DVD and CD. We are also branching out from scanning old photographs into capturing small events involving filming and photographing precious moments to place on DVD.

These situations are small but will be memorable in the future such as father and daughter at the beach or your precious pooch hanging out at the dog park.

I care a lot about community work and am currently starting an exhibition starring locals in Frankston.

And where can we find out more?

Flying Solo Directory:
My website:

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