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If you could turn back time what advice would you tell your younger self?

“To not worry, I worried all the time, I think why did I worry a thosand times, when your young you worry all the time,

“Accept yourself as you are,” Elizabeth Alexander


“Experience brings a lot, I think I would relax more and have more faith in myself. Listening is better than talking, you learn a lot!,” Sue Mair



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I need a little help from my friends

The lure of making Celebrate Living History come alive is what made me think of crowd funding.

Even though I tried raising funds through Pozible and failed on a mass scale this time I think I’m more prepared.

This time I’ve proven what can be done on a tight budget and shown the community of Frankston what can be achieved.

Despite many barriers I created the Celebrate Living History of Frankston exhibition, which showcased seniors within the area.

The important lesson I learnt was to ask for help, at the time I thought I could do anything and everything I was really determined to prove people wrong that Yes one girl solo can organise such a huge exhibition.

Yes one girl can organise an exhibition, but this girl ended up broke and frazzled but happy that many seniors came out to share their stories with the community!

The late nights licking envelopes, writing media releases, plastering posters, blogging, editing articles, creating volunteer presents and speaking to community groups was all worth it in the end when the senior stars got together for the big group photo at Bartiste.

What I realised was while I loved working on the exhibition, I was making silly mistakes simply because I had too much going in my head.

On the day instead of being happy that everything was being pulled together I was panicking about the little details and making sure everything was running smooth.

My friend Jeremay told me to close my eyes and just breath, I stopped and looked around and it was amazing everything in my mind had taken formation.

I was no longer girl solo, I was part of a wider community that were there simply because I had put the wheels in motion to celebrate their stories.

There was a huge mix of people seniors, families, students and most of my friends who believed in my potential.

Without friends, I don’t think it would have been possible for the exhibition to happen, we only had three hours to hang all 40 photographs which involved measuring and twisting wire, sourcing picture framer hangers and deciding how the photographs would be displayed.

It sounds simple but even with four people it took more than three hours, especially since I had to send one of my senior stars to Bunnings for more wire!

What I realised while the exhibition exceeded all expectations was I need to ask for help to continue creating good in the community.

In my heart I know I can make Celebrate Living History viable and with help I know we can lead the way to more exhibitions, publications and online content to celebrate stories from seniors that would never get the chance to shine within the community.

I don’t think crowd funding is a new age way to beg; it’s a way for ventures to shine with support from the community.

So I’m asking you for a little help to make Connecting the Community One Senior at a Time on Start Some Good succeed, because I know we have great potential to shine.

Plus I’ll also throw in a cup of tea over a good yarn.

To doante towards Celebrate Living History click the picture below! 🙂


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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas enjoy a peek behind the making of Celebrate Living History of Frankston!

The behind the scenes look at the making of Celebrate Living History of Frankston. Involves cupcakes, senior stars and a whole lot of passion!

I hope to one day go on tour with Celebrate Living History of Frankston to spread the word of positive aging and generate relationships with universities nation-wide to create a internship program which will nurture relationships between seniors and youth to celebrate stories about history, culture and community.

Its a big dream but i’ve shown what can be achieved without funding, imagine what I can do with funding!

Merry Christmas folks!

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I met Bruce at the Celebrate Living History of Frankston exhibition and just had to interview him!

© Copyright Bev Wilkinson Celebrate Living History

Bruce Petrie is from a long line of Frankston relatives who have thrived in the area for over 100 years.
Born in Frankston on 11 January 1932 Bruce grew to have the entrepreneur spark like his father.

His family owned so much land that most of the streets in Frankston was named after the Petrie family.

“I’ve lived here for 80 years and have spent all my life here, the original grant was Dandenong Road, my father was born in Hastings his father ran the general store opposite the pier, then they shifted up to Frankston,” he says

“My father had the grocery job on the corner of Station Street and Young Street he owned all Balmoral, across to Rossmith Avenue.”

Bruce remembers fondly when the circus visited Frankston just outside his home in Balmoral Street.

“We had a circus come in one year they came in by steam train all the trucks had cages with the lions they would take them by tractor to the circus side,” he says.

“We just had to look out the front door and see the circus.”

During the summer Bruce enjoyed jumping on the boat and fishing in the creek.

“It is all ruined now by the dredging and the McCombs netted it back in the 50s, every year they had to go further out the fish have never returned like they used to be then, there used to be massive Snapper,” he says.

Growing up in the war the Petrie family managed well with their own vegetables, cow and chooks on the property.

“In Frankston it was pretty good during the war, there was petrol rationing we used to get a couple of galloons to go fishing,” he says

“During the war the Americans came back from the islands and went to Balcombe Army Camp my mother and father made friends with a couple of the yanks they used to come to my place and invite me to Balcombe Camp during the war,” he says

“We would have steak, rock melons and ice creams. We could not get any of that during the war, they gave me a few souvenirs, which you weren’t allowed rifles and things.”

Bruce grins when he chats about the reasons why he was a fireman for 37 years.

“It’s been in my blood my father was captain of the Frankston fire brigade in about 1905 he was a honors member. It was quite a nice family group everybody was in the fire brigade in those days,” he says

“We knew all the children of everybody who was there,”

“When I was 18 I wanted to join the fire brigade in the city and I stayed there for 37 years,”

Bruce says his favorite time, as a fireman was when he visited the Children’s Hospital in Mt Eliza during Christmas.

“Just the friendship of the Frankston Fire Brigade I was a member up and until 56 when the Country Fire Authority wanted to put permanent members at Frankston, “ he says.

Bruce says being a firefighter was hard especially when they had to enter burning buildings and tip fires.

“They would push you in all the time they didn’t give you any breathing apparatus, used to go to a lot of tip fires in Cheltenham, the old aged home in Keys Road and Warrigal Road so you would breath all this plastic from Nylex,” he says

“Just never knew what you were going to get into.”

If Bruce could give advice to his younger self it would be to invest more in stocks rather than property.

“We always had trouble with tenants, if you need money on the stock exchange you can sell your shares tomorrow,” he says.

“I’ve got six acres in Langwarrin and its zoned to be a tip, I’ve had it for forty odd years paid just over 30 thousand and I can’t sell the land its worth over 1- million.”

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Letters and words of support for Celebrate Living History

Glenda Vineer

Helana Tulloch

Ken & Lorraine Holt

Celebrate Living History of Frankston Feedback


Steven Stockwell

Show of support

Plan Big Support

Trevor young

Someone say great opportunity?

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Celebrate Living History of Frankston on tour….

Plan Description:

Celebrate Living History of Frankston is looking for new homes not only in Victoria but Australia- wide! What I realised at the grand opening at Bartiste is the amount of interest in the photographs and the smiles on my “senior stars” faces when they saw their life celebrated in such a big community environment.

I would like to spread this love, not only are my senior stars from Frankston but some have migrated to sunny Brisbane to live, I met these folks while I was following the graduates of Frankston High School.

Some may call me nuts, but I managed to do all this exhibition on my own and really beleive if I put my mind to anything that I can make stuff happen!

I would like this exhibition to be celebrated all over Australia with the end destination being the Brisbane Powerhouse Museum.

My Big reasons are:

To make former “Frankston folks” smile and to really celebrate the stories of my senior stars. I hope this plan will be part of my overall vision to become a social enterprise that will nurture relationships between seniors and youth to celebrate stories about culture, history and community.

I would like to work with my student interns at Griffith University on the Gold Coast more and develop relationships with tertiary institutes around Australia.

I think this would be the perfect opportunity for students to be part of a unique start-up full of passion and community values.

My plan will be a success when:

Celebrate Living History of Frankston is successfully celebrated throughout Australia.

Currently Celebrate Living History of Frankston is at Bartiste till the 10th of November opening hours are: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6pm.

If you have a suggestion for the next destination or would like to sponsor Celebrate Living History of Franskton pop along to website Plan Big and let me know.






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The Senior Victoria November 2012 Circulation: 97,334

The Senior Front Cover

The Senior November 2012

Frankston Standard/Hastings Leader October 8, 2012

Frankston Standard/Hastings Leader October 8, 2012

Frankston Leader

Frankston Leader Monday May 14, 2012 edition
Journalist Lisa Schefman

Frankston leader article

Triple J- The Hack
Interview with Sophie Mc Neil about the reasons why Celebrate Living History failed on Pozible.
Date: Thursday 2 August 2012.

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