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Who would you hire?

The thought of being in the hiring hot seat gives me a strange thrill it’s a massive power to be able to offer a position.

Its funny I’ve always been the interviewee and I never realised maybe one day I’ll be the one asking the questions.

Watching videos of NEIS graduates is very inspiring especially since they started out in similar situations like me.

All them started out with just an idea and with a lot of hard work they made their dream a reality.

Most of them were frustrated that despite how hard they tried they could not score a job complimenting their skills.

I’ve lost count of the number of rejection letters that flood my hard drive and now instead of being depressed when looking at them I feel determined to show those employers I can kick ass.

Maybe I’m placing a lot of hope into Golden Days Images but I truly believe from the reaction so far that I’m going to make it one step at a time!

One of my aims is to be in the position where I can give someone an opportunity to thrive in a position they are passionate about.

Personally I have been to many interviews where I had to compete against others in massive groups.

It was like being in a fast-food outlet, if you did not stand out you were culled and the next order would be yelled out!

While it was not a Happy Meal ending, I did learn that butcher paper, if you were stuck on Mars scenarios and build a tower from paper activities would be banished from any of my future interviews!

What I enjoyed most was the one on one interview while competitive I had a chance to speak to an employer face-to-face.

I felt that I could ask for feedback and wasn’t part of a mass production line.

That’s the type of interview I would like to conduct professional but laid back.

While experience would rate highly I think I would look for a raw jewel that I could mentor and teach.

Personally you could have a ton of experience but if you have passion and desire to succeed the world is your oyster.


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