Will you read my aura? Stuff I learnt from a psykick!

ImageThe tradition of seeing a psychic once a year is what brought me to the Mind Body and Sprit Festival.

Every year we head to this festival to eat too much, get our hands massaged and learn about our future.

Maybe it’s a whole lot of mumbo jumbo but I can’t help but think I’m heading in the right direction.

I was intrigued by the Aura readings, I always like something tangible to take with me and this included a photograph.

It wasn’t just any photograph it was a psychedelic one with crazy colors, which I thought reflected my personality.

Having a gander at the people in front of me I saw their photos had one or two colors and here I was with green, yellow, red, white and blue.

Curious I headed to the table to get my reading and the first thing the psychic said was my photo was so bright.

I tried to keep my face blank so she would not gauge any hints or clues about my personality.

It was quite interesting what the colors represented and uncanny that she repeated the same predictions as previous psychics.

Once again I heard the line “There is a big change coming,” and I was thinking it’s about time! 

I’m really hoping in the next few months Celebrate Living History will evolve and start to have a life of its own, even though I feel like CLH is my baby it would be nice to not be on such a tight budget and finally say good bye to my customer service jobs.

Sometimes I feel like I live a double life I’m giving advice to students and working with seniors but yet I still depend on my customer service work to fund everything.

One day I know there will be a balance but on the bight side the accounting books are simple for CLH its mainly expenditure paid by myself.

Surprisingly the bulk of the colors included green, which signified balance, and that healing and teaching are enhanced.

She asked if I was a teacher or a nurse, as these colors are quite high in caring professions.

I’m neither but in a way I think I am somewhat of a teacher. I mentor and lead student interns and I’m planning workshops with seniors from the U3A.

I also hang out in retirement homes but not as a nurse just to listen to stories or chill with the seniors.

Yellow was also a headlining color she says it signifies intellect and an affinity to variety and happiness.

Ask anyone who knows me if there is a situation that seems really grim I always tend to look on the bright side. I think of ways to break down barriers and create opportunities others don’t see.

I’m overwhelmingly enthusiastic and the security guards at work are always curious about the books on social enterprise, grants, community groups, Star Bucks and recording stories they see when checking out my bag!

If there is a way I’ll always be learning, I treat Celebrate Living History like a big giant university project and once I start something I always try to gain a HD!

Blue signified that I am trustworthy, communicative and prophetic, which is true people know once I say I’ll do something it will not always be straight away but I do end up doing it.

Just like the Frankston exhibition, I told all the seniors I interviewed that I would celebrate their stories.

It was a struggle but I managed to make the exhibition come alive, I did it all with little help and funds. If there is a way I make things happen, but in hindsight I should have asked for help trying to create an exhibition is the work of many people not one.

In the end the exhibition was amazing but if I were ever to create another one I would be more strategic and make it one to really remember. White represented a sprit that is looking after me, I think it is my Grandma it sounds strange but the day after the exhibition I was doing the washing and the taps kept turning on even when I turned them off.

It was weird but I wasn’t scared and its funny the first photograph sold was that of my Grandma in the 1930s.

Also white shows that I am humanitarian, holistic and true which I think is the right description for myself.

Maybe the reading was just an outlet for me to really look inside myself but I can’t help but think a brighter future is just around the corner.




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  1. Tim

    Enjoyed reading your post.

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