The adventurous people are the ones that matter; they are the people that change things

The lure of interviewing the first man to fly microlight around the world is what made me hassle his sister for days.

Just a few doors from my house Brian Milton adventurer and journalist was staying with family.

The saying its not what you do its who you know is what came to mind when I scored one hour with this great adventurer who battled the odds to achieve greatness.

There was no way I could have gone through his PR people, he was only in Australia for three weeks and in that time he managed one interview with the AGE and that was it!

I was really nervous but what calmed me down was Bunny my Labrador joined me in the interview! Its safe to say not many journalists have the opportunity to bring their dog to the show!

Its funny Gerry his sister was not expecting me to bring the whole kit with me; here I was with a tri-pod, Dictaphone, camera and video camera with a dog in tow!

In Gerry’s eyes I was just the girl from the dog park, she did not see this was what I trained three and a half years to do!

With Bunny breaking the ice by sniffing Brain’s leg we got to business and set up in the lounge room.

I had all these questions prepared but mostly I went with the flow that’s the best way to do an interview.

Initially I was really nervous this was a man who had lunch with Dick Smith and has met the Queen.

But then I realised despite all his achievements he was Gerry’s brother he was just a human who realised his potential.

What I loved about Brian was he heard the word NO many times; but yet he broke records by flying the microlight from London-Sydney in 59 days.

That determination to prove people wrong is in my blood, I’ve heard the word NO, thank-you for your time and we wish you well in the future over 100 times.

It’s that gut feeling where everyone around you thinks your nuts but you know this is something you must do.

Interviewing Brian made me realise I’m on the right track and it will be persistence and a whole lot of passion that will make Celebrate Living History succeed.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview was “The adventurous people are the ones that matter; they are the people that change things.”

me and brian



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