Celebrate Living History of Frankston on tour….

Plan Description:

Celebrate Living History of Frankston is looking for new homes not only in Victoria but Australia- wide! What I realised at the grand opening at Bartiste is the amount of interest in the photographs and the smiles on my “senior stars” faces when they saw their life celebrated in such a big community environment.

I would like to spread this love, not only are my senior stars from Frankston but some have migrated to sunny Brisbane to live, I met these folks while I was following the graduates of Frankston High School.

Some may call me nuts, but I managed to do all this exhibition on my own and really beleive if I put my mind to anything that I can make stuff happen!

I would like this exhibition to be celebrated all over Australia with the end destination being the Brisbane Powerhouse Museum.

My Big reasons are:

To make former “Frankston folks” smile and to really celebrate the stories of my senior stars. I hope this plan will be part of my overall vision to become a social enterprise that will nurture relationships between seniors and youth to celebrate stories about culture, history and community.

I would like to work with my student interns at Griffith University on the Gold Coast more and develop relationships with tertiary institutes around Australia.

I think this would be the perfect opportunity for students to be part of a unique start-up full of passion and community values.

My plan will be a success when:

Celebrate Living History of Frankston is successfully celebrated throughout Australia.

Currently Celebrate Living History of Frankston is at Bartiste till the 10th of November opening hours are: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6pm.

If you have a suggestion for the next destination or would like to sponsor Celebrate Living History of Franskton pop along to website Plan Big and let me know.








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