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Celebrate Living History of Frankston

Local resident Bev Wilkinson is organising the Celebrate Living History of Frankston exhibition showcasing stories of seniors within the area.

These stories are about first love, dances at the Mechanics Hall to the time when Ava Gardner and Gregory Peck visited Frankston.

Bev Wilkinson says she has been interviewing and photographing seniors in the area for seven months.

“There are so many great stories to be told, this exhibition is for the seniors who would never get the chance to celebrate their stories within the wider community,” she says

“In a way this exhibition will showcase my skills that never had the chance to shine, I really hope I can inspire graduates to pursue their dreams.”

One of the senior stars is Lorraine Holt who was born in Frankston in 1938.

“I remember my father diving off Frankston Pier and collecting mussels to eat and Sheetwater Creek being filled with kangaroos and koalas,” she says

Date: Sunday 14 October from 4.00pm onwards
Location: Bartiste, Ross Smith Lane (Rear of 2/12 Young Street), Frankston


For Further Information contact: Bev Wilkinson 0402926131


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