Howdy Folks…so you want a great public relations opportunity?

Just realised what i’m doing is a great public relations opportunity for a business that has a lot of community values, lets see what I have to offer to combat any more rejection letters!

Well theres a girl who uses initiative to make a dream a reality. Despite heaps of rejection she decides to forge ahead and create a not-for-profit social enterprise and the Celebrate Living History of Frankston exhibition.

Despite having the odds stacked against her she knows the life of a full-time waitress is not in the cards!

Thinking outside the sqaure she decides the Gold Coast may have some love for her!

Even staying in backpackers and flying on low budget airlines, did not deter the passion boiling inside her!

She managed to impress her old university lecturer Steven Stockwell and speak to journalism students!

Soon she had a posse of interns gathering yarns on the Gold Coast…she thought I will take over the world one tale at a time!-cue evil laugh!

One week later she arrives back in Franga and thought “Hey i’ve gathered so many amazing stories, i’m going to forge ahead with this exhibition even if I have to to lay-by everything to make this a reality!”

She made a promise to all the seniors from day one that their stories will be cherished in the community and despite everything wants to make this dream a reality.

Maybe her idea isn’t sexy but its full of old values and community spirit…surely that must count for something!

If you are from Frankston and would like to put Sam Newman to shame please click “like” on Celebrate Living History of Frankston on Big Plan! She needs a little help to make this exhibition a reality! Thanks folks! 🙂


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