Hey there is that inspiration…. Are you looking for me?

The simple words of a senior are ones that inspire me to keep going regardless of barriers.

Its funny I wasn’t seeking advice but when I stumbled across John Fourte at the Frankston High School reunion in Brisbane, that’s exactly what I got!

What struck me about John was despite his humble appearance he was a man full of knowledge about life.

Taking time out after the interview to listen to his yarns was valuable and once he started giving advice it was a roller-coaster ride!

Instead of playing 20 questions with John he turned the tables on me and asked why I was travelling around Australia to capture yarns.

So I started with the passion speech and stopped and really thought about why I was pouring so much time and money into Celebrate Living History.

It all came down to three thoughts “To cherish memories of seniors for future generations,” “To use my skills and knowledge” “To one day be able to offer a graduate an opportunity I never had.”

Surprisingly John asked if there was any way he could help and it was nice to have someone believe in me so much they offered assistance.

Maybe I’m in dreamland and if my Pozible campaign is anything to go by, there is no love in Frankston.

But I have hope one day my idea will be cherished in my hometown and maybe the world.

“When we look back at what we have done in life, everything is meant for a purpose. Our future is all mapped out. We must look forward in confidence to what ever happens every day, because its all meant to be.” -John Fourte


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