Hey Bev do you want to chat about why your Pozible campaign failed?

Perhaps? Yes Of course I would! To my surprise Julia Holman a reporter for the Hack on Triple J decided to give me a buzz about my campaign Celebrate Living History and why it failed.

Not surprisingly Celebrate Living History took pole position for the rejection posse and I was surprised it was still on the Pozible website!

I’m pretty excited about bringing Celebrate Living History to life again on Triple J and can’t wait to chat to Sophie McNeil this afternoon from 5:55-6:00pm.

Hi Bev,

I work with triple j’s radio, for a program called Hack which is a daily current affairs show.

I’m wondering if you could give me a call? I’m doing a story about crowd funding – when it works, and when it doesn’t.

I’ve read a little about your project, and would love to speak to you.

Cheers, Julia

Here is the radio interview mixed with pretty pictures

Supporters on Pozible


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