So folks its a senior star roll call! My campaign may have failed on Pozible but i’m going to keep going!

So folks! Its been three months and my Pozible campaign to raise funds for a professional website and DVD series was a sad fail!

However I still have faith my dream will come alive, especially since i’ve had such a positive reaction from seniors within the community.

There could be several reasons why my campaign to bring yarns to life was a massive flop! Some of these may include the area i’ve been covering is in a low demographic region and i’ve spoken mainly to seniors who are bit weary of utilising computers and putting their credit card details online.

Anyway i’ve met a lot of interesting characters in and around Frankston and would like to share there photos with you!

Dorothy Dempster

Ken & Lorraine Holt

Well hello there Lesley

Bill & Alan

Glenda Viner

Christine Mullen

Sylvia Meehl

Here comes real estate king Willaim Buckland

Michael Barrett

Bob Seers

Marita Lukies

David Jensz

Clarise Artis

Gail Dudeck

John Forte

David Bilton

Dick Allchin

Frankston National Seniors_edited-11

Georgia Anderson

Mentone Probus_edited-9

Bev Wilkinson


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