So Folks come and have a gander at my proposal!

The idea for Celebrate Living History arose from a need to preserve memories from seniors for future generations.

While it started simply with an idea to capture stories for an exhibition it became much more.

Instead of using mainstream methods, I decided to ultilise video camera to capture the moment in a special way there is no way smiles, feelings and cheeky winks can be replicated.

What I discovered in three months was the abundance of activities available for seniors and while it may be daunting to attend at first they are full of laughter and cheeky antics.

I remember my first time at Frankston National Seniors being one of surprise; I wasn’t expecting to speak to a full house of chatterboxes who calmed down when the table was banged!

Even though the idea of the Celebrate Living History website is my own initiative I personally work with a variety of not-for-profits and senior groups at a grass-roots level and believe I promote the positives of ageing from a different perspective.

All I am asking for is assistance with a website to spark my dream of cherishing these yarns and maybe one day being able to offer opportunities for graduates to showcase their work.


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