C’mon folks lets get on the Cobb & Co and head to the Ballam Park Homestead!

The lure of seeing a ghost at the Ballam Park homestead is what intrigued me about this Frankston hotspot.

Even though I did not feel a strange chill as I embarked on the tour, what I discovered was a passion radiating from the volunteers who spoke as if it was just yesterday the Liardet family resided in the home.

What I loved about the tour was time stood still and it really felt like I was a guest of the Liardet family in the 1800s.

However I don’t think I would last one minute in the home, as I am too accustomed to heating and proper bathroom facilities!

It is hard to imagine families used to have up to 10 children and sadly a majority would not live to become an adult.

Some of these deaths would be due to diseases easily cured today like small pox and tragic accidents like being run over by a horse carriage.

It was really tough to survive in the 1800s and I’m really glad I was a kid born in the 1980s.

Some of the items on display in the museum are really interesting and I loved delving into the old dresses donated by those in the Frankston area.

I would recommend this tour to anyone who would like a fun day out which is not only affordable but comes with a choice of scones at the end of the journey!

The Ballam Park Homestead is open Sunday afternoons from 1-5pm and the tour includes entry to the house, museum, buggy shed and blacksmiths shop.

Adults $6.00
Pensioners $5.00
Children $2.00

Ballam Park Homestead President Glenda Vineer with postcard made for the Celebrate Living History Pozible campaign to raise funds for a website.
Glenda Vineer with her postcard

Ballam Park Homestead Frankston


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