Celebrate Living History is going to take over the world…cue evil laugh! ok maybe not! But the Gold Coast is a start!

So I have plans for world domination…yeah right! but anything is possible huh?

Well I have just written a letter to Griffith University career board organsior Lyn hoping I can get university students on board in the Gold Coast.

Have a gander if you like!

Hi Lyn,

I am a former student of Griffith University Gold Coast campus, I graduated with a post-grad in Journalism Mass Communications in 2008.

Since then I have struggled to find a job in the industry that I am passionate about and have decided to embark on an idea celebrating the living history of seniors.

While gathering stories from Frankston residents for an exhibition, I realised their yarns should be preserved for future generations they were about first love, the old coal mine at Olivers Hill and dances at the Mechanics Hall.

I collected these stories with a twist instead of writing them all down, I did it all by video camera which has never been before.

I hope to branch out and cover other communities within Australia.

While at university, I did so much volunteer work through the Griffith University career board and know if I were still a student I would jump on this opportunity to be apart of something different.

What I am looking for are journalism students who are passionate about gathering yarns from seniors within the community, in return for mentorship and experience on their resume.

At the moment I can’t offer paid internships as I am literally doing everything on a very tight budget, but in the future I do hope to become commercially viable to offer an opportunity that I never received.

I know I don’t slot into the not-for-profit section but I hope that you would give an ex-student a chance to make a dream a reality.

To check out some of my work so far visit my blog www.goldendaysimages.com and my campaign on website Plan Big http://www.planbig.com.au/celebrate-living-history

Thank you

Bev Wilkinson


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