Ooooh I discovered a new quote to start my speech at senior meetings!…

While digging up information for a sponsorship proposal, I stumbled across a quote from Noeline Brown who is the Ambassador for Ageing.

I think this quote sums up one of the main reasons that makes me passionate about “Celebrate Living History.”

“I want to remind the community to consider older people. We are not invisible and we have a voice.”

Personally from three months of gathering interviews and speaking at meetings, I have realised most seniors are flattered a “young person” will listen to their yarns.

Even though i’m not in the 60 plus posse, I don’t see age as a barrier, all I notice are new mates with an interesting story.

I’m constantly learning and I hope one day my dream of setting up a professional website celebrating their stories will be developed, because their yarns really do need to be preserved for future generations.


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