Wow I have viewers of the “Celebrate Living History” campaign in America!!!

I was so excited I had to share Billie-Jan’s comment on Celebrate Living History!

Just a request; in your series on Frankston could you possibly consider including later years such as the 70s and 80s and also surrounding areas? While I was born in USA and reside there now (boohoo! I miss Aussie land!) I grew up in Australia, specifically around the southeast areas of Victoria; Frankston, Moorabbin, Chelsea, Beaumaris, Mentone etc. during those years. Those times had and have alot of history attached to them (discos, local music, clothes, attitudes; a whole culture!) that we need to document for our youth of today!

I hope you agree and I would dearly love to be able to follow this series and share with MY children!Its almost impossible to impart to them (born in the states since I returned), the life I lived while growing up in Australia! It just breaks my heart to think of all the opportunities and advantages I had and they haven’t! Thanks and I obviously I wish you tons of luck and success with this project! Billie-Jan Brooks


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One response to “Wow I have viewers of the “Celebrate Living History” campaign in America!!!

  1. Billie

    Awwww thanks love! I’m highly complimented! I’ve got you in my ‘favorites’ file and will make it a daily ritual to check the progress of a shared passion! So excited for you!

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