Real estate entrepreneur and major philanthropist William Buckland chats about movie stars, yachts and of course houses!

Movie stars visiting Frankston?….Yes you heard right!

Before Jolie Pitt there was Gardner Peck the duo that set tongues wagging when they filmed On the Beach in 1959.

Of course they had to stay somewhere and that was Glen Shian one of Victoria’s oldest beachside mansions.

William Buckland shares memories of his old home and many more including his fathers yacht wreck that can still be seen today…

My name is Bev Wilkinson and I am embarking on a Pozible campaign to start a website celebrating yarns of seniors within Frankston and then gradually throughout Australia.

If you like listening to these stories can you please check out my page at to contribute towards making my dream happen!

William outside his home Windlesham Moor which was named after the Queen’s residence.


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