Will you pretty please with a cherry on top support my idea?

Bev Wilkinson chats about her dream to preserve stories for future generations…. from Bev on Vimeo.

Howdy Folks, I was just talking to the Pozible posse and they told me I need to generate interest from my most loyal fans, friends and family.

Personally I think the main barrier to raising funds for my dream to set up a website celebrating living history is most people don’t really know me.

I understand its a new idea and never been done before, especially in the area of Frankston.

Let me introduce myself my name is Bev and I have a Post Grad in Communications from Griffith University on the Gold Coast, what really frustrated me was I found it really difficult to find a job in the industry I loved.

Instead of giving up and falling back on hospitality, I decided to think outside the square to make my dream become a reality.

I gave up writing job applications and constantly being in the top two but never being the one.

It would have been easy to fall on the self-pity band wagan but I decided to give myself an opportunity and open my own doors.

So it all began when I made a present for my uncle, it was pretty simple I scanned old photos and placed them on CD and DVD to some old tunes.

Never did I think this basic gift would spark a journey into creating a business!

My employment consultant told me about the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme which involves six weeks of training on how to run a business and 12 months of support during the start up stage.

I think it was meant to be when only eight out of 80 applicants were chosen and one of them was me!

So after the training I embarked on my new business Golden Days Images and realised the only customers I was getting were my friends and family!

Despite how much I spent on promotional flyers and advertising, I really wasn’t getting anywhere!

Hence the whole idea of creating a exhibition showcasing photos and stories of people within the Frankston area to promote Golden Days Images!

I wanted an exhibition with a twist and decided to interview seniors with my video camera.

What I discovered was an abundance of great stories about first love, dances and the old coal mine at Olivers Hill.

I thought hang on a minute…I’m on to something and decided to change my idea to creating a website showcasing these stories because these yarns are worth sharing.

Maybe one day in the future these people will pass or suffer from dementia and alzheimer’s disease but at least they would have left on on-line legacy behind so that friends and family can still enjoy their yarns.

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you, once I have an idea in my head I am passionate about, I will work hard to make it a reality.

I’m the type of person that joins organisations like the Frankston Chamber of Commerce and makes unusual speeches.

I volunteer as a English as a second language tutor at AMES.

I don’t want to wait for someone to open a door to an opportunity….I want to open my own doors!

I’m not a robot or a spammer i’m a real person who has a dream…can you help make it a reality?

Please check out my campaign on Pozible, I’m happy with $5.00 because it shows that I do have supporters out there.

If i’m not successful at reaching my goal of $2000 then nothing will be debited out of your account.

Thank you for taking time out to read 🙂
Click below to check out my campaign!


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