So you want an editorial?….my first shot at launching the “Celebrate Living History” campaign!

This morning was such a flurry of activity, I did not realise setting up the Celebrate Living History Pozible campaign would cause so much stress!

Well truthfully one thing annoyed me, it was videos in the description they did not show in the final edit!

It sounds silly but I was pulling out my hair yelling “Come on!” for a good 20 minutes before I decided to email the Pozible posse to find out what was going on!

Turns out it was something as simple as flicking a button to show the HTML code!

Well Duh! After that crisis I decided to hit the local media so travelled up to Mornington to visit the Frankston Weekly, Frankston Leader and 3RPP.

Finding Frankston Weekly was very easy as the office is located near Main Street but I was pretty nervous opening the door.

Surprisingly my voice did not give me away when I spoke to the receptionist with the opening line of ” So I know the usual procedure is a phone call, email or fax but I decided to deliver my letter in person as I am dealing with living history.”

I think she looked rather confused when she asked “So you want an editorial?”

I’m pretty sure she does not get people like me barrelling into the office every day! So once I explained what I was doing she slid my letter in a pile to be read by the editor.

Hopefully my letter does not land into the Meh another media release pile!

Next on my list was the Frankston Leader where I was greeted with a notice on the door saying the office has been closed since December!

I was tempted to slot my letter in their mail box but then decided to send them an email! Its not the old fashioned way but it gets the message across!

Round three was radio station 3RPP, sometimes I wish I brought a camera to capture the looks of shock on receptionists faces!

She definitely was not expecting a spiel like I performed but she let me speak to the station manager who grilled me about the project.

I was kind of nervous chatting to him but it was laid back and they were all questions that I knew the answers to.

Hopefully I’ll be able to do an interview with one of the journalists in return for putting their logo on my blog and website.

Overall it was a very hectic day but I am looking forward to what the next 90 days will bring!


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