Ok folks! Celebrate Living History is now happening on Pozible!

Pozible launch Move over One Direction…. I have a hoard of tea drinking, knit savvy and tap dancing seniors ready to take over the the world!

Ok maybe not! But a girl can always dream, the moment I have been waiting for two weeks has finally happened! My campaign to create a website celebrating the history of seniors is now live on crowd sharing website Pozible.

Blame my fiddly nature I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect, but then my videos that showed perfectly in the editing space did not pop up on the final project!

Ahhh typical! So I have emailed the Pozible posse and hope that everything is ready in 3 hours!

So besides the logistics, now comes the hard part my plan is to visit local media in Frankston one by one, because I am dealing with personal yarns it makes sense to tell my story in person.

Armed with my letters, I plan on visiting offices and maybe annoying quite a few secretaries in the process!

Its funny everything is done by phone, email and fax but very rarely is anything done in person right in the flesh!

Wish me luck and help make my dream come true by visiting my campaign at http://www.pozible.com.au/index.php/archive/index/5667/description/0/0


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