So the countdown for the Pozible campaign begins….

The slogan Celebrate Living History stood out while preparing my 90- day campaign on Pozible a crowd sharing website.

While I have a lot of passion to spark a website and DVD series celebrating the locals of Frankston, sadly my work in customer service does not provide the funds to hire a website guru and graphic designer to make my idea happen.

So I had to think outside the square, first I contacted Frankston City Council to see if they would sponsor the idea, as the locals i’ve interviewed are residents.

You would think they would jump on board straight away? Nope they told me I would have to wait till June to see if I was eligible for sponsorship.

I’ll blame it on my star sign Aries, even though June isn’t too far away I don’t want to be waiting around only to be told my idea isn’t worth funding.

Yes I have ants in my pants but I truly believe the stories about first love, dances at the Mechanics Institute and the old coal mine need to be shared for future generations.

So it was back to step one…how can I raise funds to make my dream happen?

Well surprisingly the idea came from Harps who works at the Frankston City library, he told me about crowd sharing site Pozible.

I had never heard about this website before but it is truly amazing as it allows creative ideas to happen with help from the public.

So I figure from the reactions of the seniors i’ve met and social media platforms this idea was worth following.

Next step was to apply to be accepted into the program, so I wrote a huge pitch about celebrating the stories of seniors and how their memories should be celebrated.

I had to think outside the square and come up with incentives to lure sponsorship such as interviews with me, photo books and t-shirts.

The next day I received a big fat YES! I was so excited I did a little cartwheel because this one small step means there is a chance that my dream will become a reality.

Even though I was accepted into the program, it still means there is a lot of hard work in the future as I want to raise $2000 to kick start my project.

One of the major catches of Pozible is that I need to make the target of $2000 if I don’t achieve this goal then the project will receive no funding.

Its really up to the public to decide with their wallets if my dream to celebrate living history is worth funding!

So within the next few days i’ll be preparing my launch of the “Celebrate Living History” campaign and I hope people embrace the idea as much as I have!

I will be hitting the media with my story which is a bit scary but exciting at the same time, I’m nervous but in my gut I know there is a need for Celebrate Living History to become a reality.

These are just some of the incentives for sponsors as well as having their logo on my blog, website, social media pages and marketing material.

Living History magnets starring Dorothy Dempster
Dorothy Dempster magnet

Living History postcards starring Lorraine & Ken Holt
Ken & Lorraine Holt postcard front

Ken & Lorraine Holt postcard back

Living History t-shirts
Celebrate Living History t-shirt


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