So I bet the Frankston Chamber of Commerce weren’t expecting a speech quite like this….

Hi my name is Bev Wilkinson and I am the founder of Golden Days Images, which scans old photos to DVD and CD.

I don’t think I am your typical business owner; I am in the third month of the NEIS program, which enables unemployed people to build sustainable businesses.

I am currently organising an exhibition celebrating the history of Frankston locals and have realised from interviewing many seniors is there is a need to cherish their memories.

They have told me about first love, dances at the Mechanics Institute to the coal mine at Olivers Hill.

What I have realised is there needs to be a website celebrating this living history because maybe one day these people will pass but they would have provided an online legacy for their friends and family to see what it was like living in an community.

But to do this I need sponsorship, there is only so far my NEIS payment and hospitality work can do to get this project up and running.

I am asking businesses and in particular Frankston City Council to help get this project up and running.

If you are interested in collaborating with me or providing sponsorship please come and say G’day….


Any excuse to wear my Golden Days Images t-shirt hanging out with my friend Frida.


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