Making the dream come alive….

One idea from a simple present is what inspired me to start my own business.

While I had no knowledge on how a business was run, the reactions from my friends and family spurred me on to explore ways to make the dream a reality.

Its funny from the moment I thought of the idea a path was formed and within two weeks I was involved in the NEIS program.

Even thought this sounds corny it was meant to be and Golden Days Images was created!

Throughout the six weeks I learnt how to create a business plan and faced my demons when it came to accounting.

No matter how many times I work with figures, my mind hates numbers and would have an affair with creative stuff.

But I managed to pass and can now do book work without falling asleep or pulling my hair out!

Of course those six weeks flew so fast and suddenly I was in reality land and had to make Golden Days Images come alive!

I suppose my motivation to make Golden Days Images a success would be depressing to some but I have 100 rejection letters proudly sitting on my hard drive.

For me I like to look at these generic letters and think despite not having a ton of experience in sales, advertising, administration or marketing that I can kick ass in whatever role I pursue.

Its funny employers ask for lots of experience but when you are straight out of university how can you gain these skills if the door never opens?

Well it was the key to Golden Days Images, which provided a great release to frustration over the words “Thank you for your time” and “We wish you best of luck in the future.”

Just like a child high on red cordial, I was faced with rolling out great ideas in my business plan.

It was exciting suddenly I was master of my own destiny and did not have to wait for an employer to discover I was worthy of being their employee.

Even though I’ve only been running Golden Days Images since January, everything is slotting into place.

I’ve managed to gain a great mentor who shared the idea of creating an exhibition showcasing the history of Frankston locals.

Its amazing I’m using the skills gained at university to make my dream a reality rather than wasting away in a hospitality job.

Maybe I’m still in the honeymoon stage but anything that makes me feel this good should lead to a future worth living.

“ Failure is not giving things a go in the first place. People who fail are those who don’t have a go and don’t make a effort. Failures can’t be bothered. There are few people who’ve tried something and fallen who didn’t get enough satisfaction from trying, and I’ve learnt more from people who have tried and faltered than from the few charmed people for whom success came easy,” Richard Branson.


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