The colourful characters of Frankston

The colorful characters that once inhibited the sleepy town of Frankston is what made me think of organising an exhibition showcasing these residents.

Its hard to believe in the 1930s the population of this bustling city centre was only 6,851 and considered a holiday getaway.

One intriguing person included John Maddox, nicknamed the Hermit as he lived in an isolated shelter on the ti-trees to the south of Seaford Road.

While John looked like a scary old man in reality he was quite pleasant and the locals used to share their homemade scones and cakes with him in exchange for fresh fish.

In a way John was tortured as he was a captain of a vessel that accidently sank with the loss of many lives.

Its sad to think this whiskery old chap held so much guilt and spent the rest of life living on the outskirts of society.

Another great personality included Father Gerald Tucker who founded the Brotherhood of St Lawrence in 1935.

While Father Tucker gave the impression of being an eccentric little man, he was an inspiration to many and showed if you dream big you can make it happen.

The dream was to create a settlement for homeless unemployed men and boys in Carrum Downs.

With a lot of hard work this vision was made a reality and old houses from Melbourne were transported to make way for a new community.

Those who attended Father Tucker’s Brotherhood of St Lawrence’s lectures have said he was a man who spoke with authority.

Its no surprise this one remarkable man paved the way for such a successful charity.

Golden Days Images is looking for residents within the Frankston area who would like to share their photographs and stories for an exhibition in August.

We are looking for members who have old photos they would like framed and displayed.

Also residents who want to share their stories on life growing up in Frankston for a documentary.

All participants will receive a free CD of their images.

If you are interested in taking part of this exhibition contact Bev on 0402926131 or email


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