Move out of the way…..the Great Luna Park Reunion is happening!!!

The thought of organising a mad bunch of people for the great Luna Park reunion did not enter my head until a week ago!

It was then I realised no one had taken the reins to sort out venues and entertainment.

Obviously the idea was planted and there were a few sketchy comments over dates but somehow planning never got off the ground.

I wanted to start oraganising months ago but I did not want to step on the toes of those who had already begun planning!

It as at 8am Monday 2 January that I decided to kick event organizer Travis out of the hot seat and plunge head on into planning!

At this stage I contacted Travis asking what he had organised to no reply, obviously if this event was going to happen on the 14th of January then some major ass kicking needed to happen!

Some would ask why bother? Well we had three girls who had travelled all the way from Denmark for this event and I know it would be very disappointing for the Dutch chicks if they were not reunited with the great purple posse of 2001-2005!

I was once told if I set my mind to it then I can move mountains…well in this case it was the power to motivate a bunch of Luna graduates to attend a reunion with 2 weeks notice!

Of course my first point of call was Facebook that’s where a majority of the Purple posse are members.

At first I started writing messages on the Luna Park group wall for ideas then went ahead and organised an event page!

I’m sure a lot of people were sick of these three words “Luna Park Reunion” but I wanted to gain a big following!

Slowly but surely the word started to get out and even those not my “friends” got the message the Great Luna Park reunion is going ahead!

I even managed to gain numbers to call up stray Lunatics who were not on Facebook!

Soon I hit St Kilda to find venues that would host the purple posse and stumbled across Big Mouth, which suits the Luna Park theme! They were surprised that a big group would invade their premises but were very accommodating!

Then I realised what would make the event extra special is to organise free rides at Luna Park so we could all experience a little bit of nostalgia.

At first I had no idea who to contact as Luna Park now has new management but thanks to Facebook I soon was in contact with a team leader!

Thanks to Brooke everyone who attends the Luna Park reunion will receive a free ticket to enjoy rides!

Personally I think my little venture into event organising shows if you put your mind to it then you can do anything with A LOT or A Little Notice!

Now I am looking forward to less organising and more enjoying my hard work on Saturday!


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