Call the doctor…I think I may have gained multiple personalities!

Its funny, I love to put my hand out and say, “Meet our web designer, social media guru, blogger, photographer, marketer and sales legend!”

When being asked how I have managed to promote Golden Days Images into the real world, people are often surprised a whole posse was not involved!

My motivation may make some feel depressed but I am the proud owner of 100 rejection letters, I don’t want to go back to the words “Thank you for your time” and “We wish you well in the future.”

I know on all the marketing material and website stuff I write “We and our” a lot, its not that I have multiple personalities its just I have a vision that Golden Days Images will be bigger than just me in the future.

What I love about starting a small business is you don’t have to go through many meetings to make a simple decision. If you want something done either do it your self or call a professional!

Of course I’ve already made many mistakes but the beauty of it all is I can learn from them!

At the start one of my major mistakes was trademarking the name “Beyond Time Images” not realising I also had to register the business name with Consumer Affairs Victoria.

While Beyond Time Images was not taken it was similar to Beyond Images, which meant I had to change the name!

It was frustrating because I already had business cards and marketing material but I eventually came up with Golden Days Images.

Personally I think the name change worked in my favour as it embodies the old world glamour my business presents.

I really feel in my gut that I am FINALLY on the right path and I am looking forward to what the New Year will bring for Golden Days Images!


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