Whip out your Lycra and Leggings Ladies its time for an 80’s flashback!

The big smile from a Lycra clad aerobics instructor is what stood out while having a giggle at 1980s fashions.

Who can forget the fierce gear from this decade? This is either one to be forgotten or loved for power suits, puffed sleeves and legwarmers!

I was a child during this time but I loved to dress like Madonna even though I did not understand why she wore her underwear as outerwear!

One of my favorite movies from this decade is The Breakfast Club, which follows the story of five students who bond together during a Saturday detention.

While vastly different the gang shared their secrets, broke rules and made the most out of being stuck in school during the weekend!

Do you remember the Smurfs cartoon? I used to love watching the battles these blue guys had against Gargamel their arch nemesis.

My favorite Smurf was Smurfette the only female in the village, even though she was created to distract the boys and help Gargamel in his evil schemes.

There was a mixture of vulnerability that made her likeable, even though Smurfette was created for evil she turned good and thrived in the village!

Its funny thinking about the games we used to play, especially Pacman an arcade game with the main aim of battling through a maze to eat ghosts.

Personally I think the 1980’s were a fun quirky chapter in history and of course it was awesome because I was born!

What was your favorite decade?


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