Psst Guess what I just had my first customer!!!

I just had my first customer Viv who I met volunteering at AMES English classes, she wanted a package featuring her husband who is a teacher.
In a nutshell Viv received the Flashback promotional package which included 30 images on both CD and DVD mixed with Good Luck Charm by Elvis Presley.
Viv was very happy and was surprised that I had put so much detail into the overall presentation.
But thats what i’m about I love to be individual and add a little flavour, I enjoy making a CD & DVD package stand out from the rest!
I know some of you have met my dad and are wondering who I am?
I’d love to tell you I am currently on the X Factor and about to make a successful record!
But that is just a pipe dream! In reality I am a journalism/public relations graduate from Griffith University sick of being told I’m good but just not good enough to thrive in a position I love.
So I decided to do something about it!
The idea for Golden Days Images arose from flicking through old photos my Grandma had sent my Dad and I was enthralled with how my Dad looked like a little boy.
It was like peeking into a secret world that existed before I was born and I loved imaging what kind of cheeky personality my dad had.
I thought it would be a shame if these precious snap shots were to be lost or ruined and there was no back up.
At the time I wanted to make a creative present for my uncle better than socks and wine.
I decided to make a DVD full of these images mixed with a bit of Elvis.
Inevitably my Uncle loved his present and this is what sparked the start of Beyond Time Images!

I’ll leave you with a inspiring quote:
“Believe in what you do if you don’t then change what you do.”


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