Celebrating the sexy glamour of Marilyn Monroe

The sexy swagger of Marilyn Monroe is one that will always stand the test of time.

Who can forget when this blonde bombshell in 1962 sang “Happy Birthday Mr President,” to John F. Kennedy?

Throughout the decades many have replicated this exact moment but none can beat this glamorous icon.

But not many know the struggles Marilyn faced to become this legendary starlet.

As a little girl Marilyn dreamed of escaping her orphan life as Norma Jean Mortenson, she hated being dragged around different families, especially when it came to bath time.

Imagine water being such an extravagance it was considered wasteful to change dirty water after every single wash?

Well it was Norma Jean who took the last bath after everyone else had scrubbed up!

In a way Norma was like Cinderella she dreamed of being beautiful and admired in fancy clothes.

Despite feeling like someone who didn’t belong to nobody she grew into someone to be admired.

This little orphan who had no money to buy food and clothes moved to Hollywood to pursue the dream of becoming a starlet.

Despite being so desperate for cash at times it was persistence that got Norma a gig at 20th Century Fox.

It was then Norma transformed into budding superstar Marilyn Monroe a legend that will always be remembered.


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